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Logistics Operations

Comprehensive Support from Start to Finish

Getting material from point A to B can be much more challenging than it seems, especially when it involves fast-moving and competitive industries.

Our customers trust us to design and deliver customized solutions that right size their materials, their  footprint, and their resources.

This translates into projects flowing more seamlessly and getting to market faster than the competition.

Trusted Experience

KMM’s capabilities far exceed the basic pick, pack, and ship operation. Supported by our unapparelled asset-management system, we bring enhanced control and visibility to your projects, so that you know exactly where your money and your materials are – at any time throughout the entire stage of a project. 

Inventory Management

KMM creates and implements quality-focused, customized order management processes to keep your materials flowing. We also provide you with complete visibility of your inventory at every stage of your project, which translates into enhanced inventory control and faster time to market. 

Strategic Purchasing and Inventory Optimization

Our inventory strategies allow your company to focus on its expertise and services, while KMM ensures the correct supply of inventory is stored on hand at optimal locations. Our inventory management team consolidates shipments from suppliers and stores inventory to assure your projects meet their deadlines in a cost-efficient manner. 

Order Management

Our teams manage day to day inventory transactions and ensure on-time orders. We monitor strategic inventory levels against your needs and place orders to maintain supply chain consistency. We will also fulfill urgent requests with expedited orders and drop-ship requests as needed. 

Sourcing and Supplier Management

With our expansive logistics network and experience, KMM will measure supplier performance and provide product savings recommendations. We will provide recommendations to your product offerings to include SKU rationalization and inventory consolidation, supplier evaluations, and order quantity maximization.  

Cable Cutting & Distribution

KMM has been providing copper and fiber material and services to the telecommunications industry since 1991. Today, we are one of the largest independent resellers of cable and wire in the United States and hold multi-year national cable management contracts with major carriers.

Cable Cutting Services

Our top-of-the-line cable-cutting equipment and proprietary IT systems ensure an efficient and quality cut-to-length operation that is focused on minimizing cut set up time and reducing reel-end waste. We also leverage our expertise in logistics to systematically track material via serial codes – the inbound process from the OEM to the outbound sales orders – in real time so that you always know exactly where your material is. 

Cable Management

Securing the correct amount of cable from suppliers can be difficult and risky. KMM eliminates this risk by assessing your needs, purchasing in aggregate, and properly disposing of cable not utilized. We recycle excess cable and service customers on an as-needed basis. Our steel return policy allows for reuse of reels. 

Cable Distribution

We process multiple of our cable orders in consolidated transactions, reducing the need for more trucks and fuel consumption. Our model optimizes cable logistics, therefore, reducing costs for customers.  

Staging and Kitting

KMM can provide the facility, equipment, and resources to satisfy all of your kitting and assembly needs. Skilled technicians conduct kitting services in a controlled environment and crosscheck builds against BOM validation to ensure the accuracy of materials shipped. 

Our services function as a cross-dock service, where we consolidate orders from multiple suppliers and ship in full to your facilities or project sites. 

Warehouse Management

KMM offers a wide range of services to promote a more efficient and streamlined warehouse management process that gives you increased visibility and control over your projects, while at the same time reducing costs and improving time to market.

Services Offered

  • Lease negotiations
  • Equipment fulfillment/installation
  • Labor ownership and management
  • Asset tracking

Last Mile Staging

KMM streamlines the forward and reverse movement of materials for accurate material delivery from central DCs and market-level facilities to installation sites. Our remote management system, eRIMS™, tracks your material and data with real-time visibility of all locations. Our quality-focused order management processes ensure better control and management of deployment schedules, crews and costs. 

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