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What We Do

End-to-end Network and Logistics Solutions

KMM delivers a wide range of integrated turnkey solutions to support your most complex network deployment, integration and decommissioning projects. Drawing from our expansive suite of logistics and technical services and utilizing state-of-the-art asset management systems, we can build a customized, scalable solution to address the full breadth of your project life cycle. This means we can manage every aspect of your project from start to finish, both behind the scenes and out in the field.  


KMM couples its core logistics services with highly skilled field expertise to deliver integrated solutions spanning full network lifecycles. Supported by multi-tiered warehousing options, an extensive portfolio of services and systems, and certified technicians, KMM’s solutions result in improved efficiencies, decreased time to market and greater cost savings for its customers. 

Our reputation for providing flexible, value-added solutions has extended beyond the borders of the telecom space, where we support our customers’ 5G, LTE, fiber, DAS and small cell deployments, and has created opportunities for us to design integrated solutions to support various initiatives in the energy and public sectors.


Our customers trust us to design and deliver customized solutions that right-size their materials,  their footprint, and their resources. This translates into projects flowing more seamlessly and getting to market faster than the competition. 


KMM offers a complete, end-to-end service for building all types of telecommunications and energy infrastructure, including guyed and self-supporting towers, monopoles, DAS poles, small cell applications and more.


KMM provides an all-encompassing selection of fixed network services and solutions serving copper, fiber, cable, and wireless technologies. KMM has extensive experience in all field services associated with broadband, optical, IP and core network elements. 


KMM performs both prime and subcontracting work for the U.S. Government and its allies across the globe. Our project leads skillfully manage project needs and timelines while adhering to all federal regulations and national/international safety requirements.