Wireless Services

Build – Modify – Maintain

KMM offers a complete, end-to-end service for building all types of telecommunications and energy infrastructure, including guyed and self-supporting towers, monopoles, DAS poles, small cell applications and more. We can execute and deliver the whole project and all its components, which means a true cost-effective turnkey service.

New Site Builds

Using a hybrid model of self-performing crews and local sub-contractor partners, KMM can rapidly deploy fully insured and licensed project teams almost anywhere in the U.S. to address each piece of your new site build requirements, including:

  • Design
  • Civil Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Excavation
  • Foundation Work
  • Erection
  • Equipment installation – microwaves, radios and antennas
  • Line testing/sweeps
  • Shelter-building installation
  • Landscaping
  • Security/fencing


Structural Modifications

KMM’s teams of technical experts are trained in multiple industry disciplines and can deliver the highest quality installation, testing, and optimization services so that you can remain on air.

Equipment retrofits and upgrades

  • Foundation upgrades
  • Structural upgrades and reinforcements
  • Hardware replacement
  • Antenna down-tilt, azimuth, and optimization services
  • Civil work – rust, moisture, corrosion abatement and other anomalies
  • Radio frequency (RF) services
  • Network Testing – lines, connectors and antennas, microwave equipment, fiber cables, DC power system
  • Passive Intermodulation (PIM) and Sweep Testing
  • Site optimization
  • Software updates

Cell Tower Reinforcement

  • Tower Welding
  • Core Drilling
  • Anchor Bolt Installation
  • Load Testing
  • Concrete Augmentation
  • Steel Installation
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Cost-Tracking


KMM helps protect the longevity of your most important assets by bringing speed, skill and precision to network diagnostics, repair and maintenance. Whether your ticket calls for routine maintenance or urgent repairs, we can streamline the process by deploying trained technicians and certified climbers who specialize in diagnosing highly technical installation and integration issues.

  • FAA lighting maintenance
  • Sweeping and PIM testing
  • Antenna and line inspection and replacement
  • Microwave system maintenance
  • Plumb/tensioning of guyed towers
  • Guy wire replacement
  • Painting
  • Routine site inspections
  • Equipment/foundation repairs
  • RF system troubleshooting
  • Access road maintenance/landscaping
  • Tiger Teams
  • Tower, shelter and group equipment inventory and audit
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Asset recovery
  • Generator maintenance