Inbuilding DAS and Small Cell

KMM has extensive experience in the design and installation of turnkey in-building DAS and small cell solutions. Our crews have supported deployments ranging in size from $5,000 to $50,000.

KMM has expansive experience within the entire range of tower infrastructure sites.
  • Development and release Search Rings
  • Evaluate Search Ring Candidates for lease ability and constructability
  • Execute Lease
  • Prepare Zoning Drawing
  • Perform Phase 1 and NEPA review
  • FAA Filings and Notifications
  • Prepare and take Zoning application through the process. Engage attorneys as needed
  • Prepare Construction Drawings
  • Prepare Geotechnical
  • Prepare Foundation Drawing
  • Pull Building Permit
  • Build New Tower using the combination of Internal and Strategic Partners resources
  • Closeout Build Permit and compile all necessary documents for the Closeout