Wireless Network Services

A Natural Progression

In KMM’s problem-solving culture, we’re always looking for ways to create more synergy between all the moving parts in our customers’ projects. That’s why we expanded our offerings to include a wider range of technical and field services that can support network deployment, integration and decommissioning projects.

Our entry into the infrastructure service provider sphere was a natural progression, given our 25 years’ experience providing logistics services to the some of the biggest names in the telecom industry. Not only are we attuned to the dynamic nature of the industry and understand the complexities of the business like the back of our hand, but we also have highly skilled field resources who can provide soup to nuts all the services required to get a site designed, installed and on air.

Our customers call it “One and Done” – that is, just one firm is needed to manage the material, the installation and the people from cradle to grave. Fewer hand offs mean enhanced quality control and an accelerated time to market.