Last Mile Staging

KMM’s Last-Mile Staging solution provides a cost-effective way to streamline the forward and reverse movement of your materials and ensure complete and accurate material delivery from central DCs and market-level facilities to installation sites. We track your material and data in real time with eRIMS™, our remote inventory management system. Most warehouse management software systems allow customers to see inventory and order status within only central DCs. With eRIMS™ you can view the same real-time data for market-level locations, in-region staging facilities and storeroom operations. Our quality-focused order management processes support a smooth flow of material and site orders. The overall result is better control and management of deployment schedules, crews and costs. 


  • Facility and inventory management; staging, integration, transportation, 

Transportation Management 

  • Optimized freight management processes 
  • Flexible fulfillment, job site delivery and Last-Mile Staging 
  • Cross-docking services 
  • End-to-end shipment tracking in real time 

Staging, Kitting and Assembly 

  • Scalable line assembly 
  • Serialized assembly management 
  • Quality control inspections 
  • Customizable packaging