Cable Cutting & Distribution

Optimizing Operations and Ensuring Fast, Efficient Service

KMM has been providing copper and fiber material and services to the telecommunications industry since 1991. Today, we are one of the largest independent resellers of cable and wire in the United States and hold multi-year national cable management contracts with major carriers.

We support our customers with secure cable-cutting facilities in multiple markets that average between 10,000 to 50,000 square feet for inside operations and one to six acres for outside storage. Our top-of-the-line cable-cutting equipment and proprietary IT systems ensure an efficient and quality cut-to-length operation that is focused on minimizing cut set up time and reducing reel-end waste. We also leverage our expertise in logistics to systematically track material via serial codes – the inbound process from the OEM to the outbound sales orders – in real time so that you always know exactly where your material is.

Our Suite of Cable Management Services

  • Cable-cutting services
  • Inventory ownership
  • Inventory storage
  • Transportation management
  • “Just in time” delivery
  • Asset tracking
Processes & Technology

At KMM, we are committed to optimizing our cable and wire operations. Our IT and facilities staff have developed and implemented multiple systems and processes designed to help reduce waste:

  • The cable-cutting optimizer determines what cuts are made off of what master reels, resulting in the least amount of scrap and the ability to do multiple cuts in a row to save energy consumption
  • Copper cable scrap is recycled
  • Multiple cable orders are processed and placed on the same trucks, which reduces the need for more trucks and reduces fuel consumption
  • Steel reel return process allows for reuse of reels
  • Multiple wire orders are processed and placed on the same pallet, which reduces the need for more pallets and space in trucks
  • Wire ordering multiples are set up to purchase full pallet loads from manufacturer, and sell full pallet loads to the customer reducing need of more pallets, and reducing space in trucks resulting in reduced fuel consumption
  • Pallet return process allows for reuse