Inventory Management

KMM creates and implements quality-focused, customized order management processes to keep your materials flowing. We also provide you with complete visibility of your inventory at every stage of your project, which translates into enhanced inventory control and faster time to market.

Order Management

  • Order fulfillment – stock* and direct-ship items 
  • Order expedite process 
  • Direct-ship item attribute change maintenance 
  • Order transportation management and freight consolidation 

*Stock = KMM-owned inventory

Sourcing & Supplier Management

  • SKU rationalization and inventory consolidation 
  • Sourcing (RFX process) 
  • Product cost savings and avoidance tracking 
  • Supplier performance management 
  • Product change notification management 

Purchasing & Inventory Management

  • Fill rate management 
  • Product attribute change maintenance
  • Freight consolidation and transportation management