A Rich History in Telecom

Having served customers in the telecom industry for more than two decades, KMM knows that when it comes to dealing with network infrastructure that nothing is ever static. We understand that operators are faced with an ongoing cycle of building, upgrading, and decommissioning sites, all the while trying to manage multiple vendors and keep pace with rapidly-changing technologies and customer requirements.

These challenges are what inspired us to build a vast portfolio of relevant logistics and network services that can be implemented independently or as part of a more comprehensive turnkey solution.

Our myriad of services, which are supported by a state-of-the-art asset management system and carried out by experienced field staff, can be deployed quickly and adapted to suit your specific project objectives.

So, whether you need a partner to help you manage the material needed for site installation, integration and/or optimization, the resources who can provide from soup to nuts all the services required to design, test and turn-up your site, or both, we have a solution for you.

KMM’s True Turnkey Solutions Can Help You:
  • Decrease risk and fixed costs by transferring inventory ownership
  • Gain full real-time material visibility of orders and inventory to the job site
  • Increase quality control by having integration services performed in a controlled environment
  • Minimize handoffs, which translated into enhanced inventory control and faster, more reliable delivery of services to your customers