Outside Plant
Underground and Aerial Placement
  • Site Surveying – staking and cable mapping
  • Engineering and permitting
  • Trenching, Plowing, Backhoe
  • Installation – Conduit and direct bury fiber
  • Cable/fiber splicing and termination
  • Equipment installation – batteries, rectifiers, breakers, wires, conduit, routers, switches, multiplexors, cable trays
  • Construction Services – physical activity, pulling cable out to site, drilling post holes, mounting poles, hanging strand and lashing wire
Inside Plant
  • Fiber Characterization – testing, analysis, component quality checks, notification and reporting
  • Fiber Splicing and Termination – Replacement, installation and testing of newly installed connectors, pigtails, fan-out kits and ISP fusion splices
  • Fiber Labeling – Labeling cables and connectors to customer specifications
  • Ladder Rack/Basket and Fiber Ducting Installation
  • Cabinet/Rack Grounding and Anchoring
  • Identify potential obstacles
  • Underground/aerial construction software
  • Knowledgeable with state construction codes
  • Work with permitting agencies – submit construction drawings, handle permitting fees, obtain final documentation