Staging & Field Services

Site Audit/Site Survey – Optical Networks
  • Perform survey in accordance with the specific OEM guidelines. 
  • Audit site access, coordination with local management, equipment locations, distances for connectivity of fiber, power, ancillary installation, material requirements, necessary environmental issues, cooling, etc.  
  • Use survey reports to generate in-house detailed engineering or furnish engineering studies. 
  • If requested, perform Fiber Characterization to ensure that the proper lifecycle and performance configurations are loaded into the system. 

Technical Project Management

  • Technical PMs for small to large projects 
  • Augment OEM/customer PMs 
  • Project coordination/planning 
  • PMs can get down into actual working conditions for efficiencies and speed 


Installation Services

  • Fiber Characterization – detail analysis/report 
  • Site Surveys – detail documentation and report 
  • Equipment Installation And Power Up – per specific CO/site guidelines 

Staging Services

  • Serialized receipt of equipment
  • Inventory control and asset management 
  • Green-light testing 
  • Firmware & software updates 
  • Hardware retrofitting 
  • Record of inventory movement 
  • BOM validation 
  • Pre-assembly & verification 
  • Kitting and testing 
  • Quality control inspections 
  • Custom-made crate & packaging 
  • Close-out package