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KMM Telecommunications unveils new web site, December 2011

FAIRFIELD, N.J. – Dec. 12, 2011 – KMM Telecommunications, a leading provider of supply chain solutions to the communications industry, today announced that it has shortened its name to KMM. In connection with the name change, the company’s new Web site will be at kmmcorp.net. The company’s e-mail addresses will change to firstinitialdotlastname@kmmcorp.net. KMM’s Team Alliance program will be re-branded as its Strategic Service Provider program.Katherine McConvey, CEO, said, “For our 20th year in business, we wanted to freshen up our image and part of that is shortening our name to simply KMM, which is how our customers typically refer to us. At the same time, we updated and added content to our new Web site to better communicate our services to those who are less familiar with us.”The decision to rebrand the Team Alliance program is based on KMM’s customers evolving requirements. “We were primarily using the Team Alliance program as a framework to bring in and mentor small, certified diversity enterprises within our operations,” said John Campanelli, president of KMM business operations. “However, as our customers’ needs have continued to evolve, and as our portfolio of customers has grown, we’ve expanded the program to include other types of companies that are the best-of-the-best in their respective fields. Then we work together to provide a single, integrated solution to the customer. These companies along with the diversity enterprises make up the Strategic Service Provider program.”

About KMM
KMM is a leader in providing best-in-class supply chain services to the communications industry. Founded in 1991, KMM designs customized material management solutions that increase efficiencies and help drive out unnecessary supply chain costs for customers such as carriers, original equipment manufacturers and system integrators.  KMM Telecommunications is a privately-held, certified woman-owned business enterprise.