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KMM Celebrates Safety Milestone: No Incidents in First Quarter of 2024

Lewisville, TX – April 2, 2024 – KMM, a leading provider of supply chain solutions and network services, is thrilled to announce a significant achievement in safety. The company successfully completed the first quarter of 2024 with zero safety incidents across all its operations.

Maintaining a safe working environment has always been a top priority at KMM. Through robust safety protocols, rigorous training programs, and a dedicated team committed to safety excellence, the company has achieved this milestone.

“Our commitment to safety is unwavering. It is at the core of everything we do,” said Brian Wyman, Lead Safety and Training Manager at KMM. “Out Safety theme for 2024 is ‘Safety First, Protecting People, Delivering Confidence’ and we incorporate it at all levels of the organization so our customers and employees can count on us.”

Achieving zero safety incidents in the first quarter of 2024 is a testament to KMM’s culture of safety and its proactive approach to risk management. By consistently adhering to strict safety standards and fostering a safety-conscious work environment, the company continues to achieve its safety goals.

“While we celebrate this achievement, we are already looking ahead to the next milestone. Safety is an ongoing effort that requires continuous improvement,” added Brian Savva, Executive Vice President of Wireless Services. “We will continue to invest in our safety programs and processes to ensure that we continue without incidents.”

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